Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Property law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Property law - Essay Example 3. This statute makes available a structure for the development of electronic conveyancing. In this context, this Act will permit the procedure for dealing with registered land to gradually migrate from the present paper-based system to a system, which will not involve any paper and that will be purely an electronic system within a few years. Further, this Act totally supplants the extant 1925 legislation in order to enable land registration to become a faster, clearer and simpler process. The major changes engendered by these two legislations in respect of the law and practice of land registration have had a profound effect on everyone concerned with registered land. Several instances of these changes can be cited and some of these are: The avowed objective of this Act is to render straightforward, improve and modernise the land registration law. Moreover, this Act has made available a framework for developing the all important electronic conveyancing. Several noteworthy modifications have been brought about in the law and practice for registered land. Some of these changes influence the protection of third party interests; superseding interests; which of the interests in land can be or have to be registered and the all important issue of adverse possession of registered land2. Furthermore, electronic conveyancing will result in a much more accurate register. The new Act will also help buyers immeasurably, by providing more complete information about the rights and responsibilities of the owner. Moreover, there will be an improvement in respect of the security of property rights in and over registered land due to the provision of superior methods for affording protection to them. As an example, owners of registered land have been provided much greater protection against claims made by squatters. The primary objective of the Land

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